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​Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth. Psalm 54:2 KJV

Hear My Prayer, O God

2-9-2017 Steve D

Heavenly Father, I pray to You for an outpouring of Your goodness, grace and mercy upon Hannah and the entire Klumb family. Father, You know the struggles these servants of Yours have endured. Of our own accord, we deserve nothing because our righteousness is as filthy rags, but God, you are Love. Love these children like Jesus. God grant peace, relief, strength, comfort, help, hope and healing. Please bless them with wise and excellent medical professionals to guide their way. Your good will be done, Father. Amen.

2-11-2017 Jeff D

Please, Oh Lord, I ask that you show your everlasting mercy and kindness to Hannah and the Klumb family. Help them carry the burden and remind them of what waits for them and all of your children! Amen!

11-23-2016  Jenny G

​Since Saturday, 54 days after her initial rupture and 40 days after her emergency AVM removal, Naomi started to show signs of awareness. She will not follow directions but, when asked a simple, in-the-moment question, she has been answering by moving her head for no or her arm for yes. Sometimes. Sometimes she is moving her head because she has learned she gets a reaction. These are very basic questions being asked and very basic responses. However, this IS a purposeful response.

​Today, she was accepted to Christ Advocate in Oak Lawn for Rehabilitation. We are anxiously awaiting paperwork to confirm the verbal yes we’ve received. We hope they are patient with her still very limited responses and we pray that she thrives, now that she is showing us awareness.

​The wonderful thing about children’ brains, especially under 8, is they are still growing. It could be years before we know how much Naomi can/will heal. So, rather than trying to look too far ahead, we focus on where she currently is and the next goal. Not beyond that.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to God for days of healing we weren’t sure she would have, awareness we weren’t sure she would show, admittance to rehab we weren’t sure she would get, the support of family and friends, and the unconditional, overwhelming love of our Heavenly Father.

​Psalm 107: 1 - O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy endures for ever.

2-11-2017 Laura P

​Father God, You created each one of us. You knit each of us together in our mother's womb. No tiny detail was outside of Your divine design. You know Your children more intimately than anyone. I come before Your throne, Heavenly Father, seeking Your healing for Hannah. You knit her together. You know her intimately. You know what she needs, Lord. I pray boldly for healing of both body and soul. I pray that Hannah would wait on Your will, be patient in affliction, and be filled with Your peace. Grant her strength for the journey and hope for Your healing. Love her for those of us who are too far away to be there. Bring all of the Klumbs Your peace. I place them in the best place they could be - in Your hands. I trust in Your promises and await Your timing. Thank You, Great Physician! In the strong name of Jesus I pray this. Amen

​2-12-2017 Jen G​

​Father God. Surround Hannah in your almighty arms. Give the doctors wisdom as they care for her. Strengthen her faith and the faith of those who love her. In your name we pray amen

7-9-2019 Asking for prayers

 I was in an abusive relationship for close to four years and my abuser also trafficked me for two of those years. I am close to being at peace with my past since my escape (about four years ago) and I have since created a new identity and a new life for myself. I have many blessings in my life now but those years did a lot of damage that has been hard to undue. One of those has been financial damage that resulted in much credit card fraud with my identity and other financial abuse that led me to bankruptcy. I’ve been struggling to get back up and have been “okay” for a couple years but not able to get ahead. Lately I’ve fallen behind again on all my bills and am taking on a second job to try to recover. In the meantime, I was hoping you could say some prayers for me?

God has never abandoned me, I know that now even though I questioned him at times. I believe I can and will get through this but I would prefer that to be sooner than later and I think some prayers to either help me recover or endure this part would be beneficial. 

3-13-2017 Jen G

Update: On Wednesday, with a therapist helping move her legs, Naomi “walked” 42 feet. On Friday, she went 68 feet. When in the tram, she has started working on weight-bearing through her legs. She sometimes straightens her left leg, by herself, and, with muscle stimulation, is able to gently kick her left leg. These are good signs, confirming left side weakness, not paralysis. She also needs to hold up her head during these activities. Needless to say, she’s usually worn out after Physical Therapy! Compared to just a month ago, her head control and neck strength are much better.
Occupational Therapy tends to go better when they let her “play” instead of trying to make her do “work”; the one day the therapist was attempting to clarify her visual difficulties by having her look at a picture and then identify whether it was hidden in A, B, C, or D. After about a dozen wrong answers, all having been answered with C or D, we asked, “Naomi, are you looking at A or B?” She shook her head no and then answered another question, letting us know that she KNEW she was giving the wrong answers and didn’t care! She did NOT want to do that activity and wasn’t going to cooperate!
Naomi’s teacher has provided us with all of her homework assignments through the year (good moral for the other students to see Naomi’s papers being put to the side instead of just thrown out). On Thursday, Steve had Naomi doing a math assignment (24 out of 25 correct, BTW) for brain exercise, not to just do homework. Then he pulled out a sheet of handwriting practice, the letter O, and asked her if she knew what it was. Naomi nodded yes, and then wrote “homework” and made Steve smile. We aren’t pushing for her to be evaluated academically yet. I feel, with her physical limitations and visual problems, trying to have her do most schoolwork, with the adaptations that would need to be put in place, would be a disservice to her at this time.
Naomi has a new way to say “Yes” and “No.” A “nod” of her right hand at her wrist is “yes” and a twist of her wrist is “no.” We aren’t quite sure where she picked that up from …
Every night he’s with her, after prayers, Steve likes to recall the events of the day, to remind her to remember the things she can do … and then tell her to dream of the things she wants to do.
We ask for prayers for her nursing hours to get staffed. A few weeks ago, on a Friday, we had 4 nights staffed. On Monday morning, we were down to 2 nights. Fortunately, we have all of the necessary elements ready to bring Naomi home, when the hours get staffed. The elements for home care that AREN’T ready aren’t necessary, though there are things upon which we are waiting that will make home care easier.
We also ask for prayers for Naomi as she again suffers from thrush and also has a staph infection.